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faun boy

my boi

posted this as the incorrect post type the first time and i couldn't see a way to change it to an art post so ................repost.

80roxy08 asked:

🍳attempting cooking and ⭐️stargazing for the doodle OC meme !

With Jasvin, if you're still doing it ^^

jasvinfellover -

remember when I said I'd get these done in like a week? me too

anyways, the second one will be in a different post since I decided to need to also give ya random bits of trivia

what do you mean i didn't want to draw meat and/or a dead animal so I just colored a blob and pixelated it? no never

  • since Jasvin is nobility and cause of her job she doesn't actually do a whole lot of cooking. if she's staying at her family's manor she has cooks, when she's staying at the palace she has access to both the palace guard's mess hall and the main kitchen, so there's only a handful of times when she has to.

  • most of the time if she's cooking it's cause she's traveling by herself, for whatever reason, and has to camp. and by cook, I mean hunt down a rabbit or some other small animal, kill it, skin and carve up some of the meat, throw some salt on it (she carries some for non-cooking purposes but ya know, sometimes it's used for cooking), and hold it over a fire for a period of time. that's cooking, right? besides, she's usually too fucking tired to do anything else and she needs to eat for the sake of eating, not cause it tastes particularly great.

  • Jasvin will also occasionally end up with cooking duty when traveling with a group and in that case, it's time for a basic as fuck stew. Cause, again, it's for the sake of eating, it doesn't have to taste great, it just has to be filling enough so that you can still get into a fight the next day without feeling like utter shit.

  • As for something closer to actual cooking. There are many times when Jasvin will come home to her family's manor late as fuck and feel 100% awful about waking anyone up to cook for her so she taught herself how to cook some basic things when this first started becoming a habit of hers. Most of the time she just sticks to omelets with whatever is laying around in it and the day's leftover bread, and they obviously taste better than what she makes on the road.

  • When she was younger she would also help her dad bake for her siblings' birthdays, something that she doesn't always have time for now.

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cringetober day 9 - lots of belts

i didn't intend for it to be become a whole colored and shaded thing, but here's an edgy boi

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dug up some old sketches and edited them a bit~

I definitively won't be online tmrw so : MERRY CHRISTMAS @jasvinfellover !!

Based on that one text post you made xxx months ago that I preciously kept in my likes because reading it immediately summoned Big Shitpost Energy in my creative process and I knew you'd love it

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rah -

Sage, Paprika, and Sable. My autumn kids. Very fond of doodling them lately.

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80roxy08 asked:

For the OC Doodle ask !

🧞‍♂️and the 3 things they’d wish for (for Tonn) and 🍳attempting cooking (for whoever you want!) :D

farraigeart -

good music, solitude, and sunshine (not pictured much)

as for cooking i went with aerandir bc he's a cutie!

this is technically baking but thats alright

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Coffee Outside

Waiting for someone?
Or maybe on break!

I rarely do more than sketches of my own OCs, so I wanted to treat myself a lil bit!

I love this man with all my heart.

Huevember Day 26: Silas

someone's not a fan of a full moon :0

Colored headshot sketch commission for @silver of their lovely custom FE furry (also named) Silver!

ko-fi + commissions

oh yeah cringetober day 1.. hoohoo

this is bee. uh they have partial heterochromia i guess?!

[id: bee has reddish tawny skin, curly brown hair, and mixed brown and blue eyes. they have black sheep ears, ivory ram horns, and sharp black teeth. they are wearing a short, open red gandora with a white and gold tunic underneath. they are doing a "gao pose", fake growling at the viewer with their arms raised and their fingers outstretched, like a cat about to attack. the background is a glittery gold to dark turquoise gradient. end id]

Huevember Day 20: Seymour

how fitting, blue for my water pokemon trainer~

Huevember Day 18: Tabitha

lawl so close to her normal colour scheme

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Huevember Day 9: Avira

someones seeing red :0