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Kiss kiss fall in love

(+Happy Emilie and crying Louis)

I definitively won't be online tmrw so : MERRY CHRISTMAS @jasvinfellover !!

Based on that one text post you made xxx months ago that I preciously kept in my likes because reading it immediately summoned Big Shitpost Energy in my creative process and I knew you'd love it

jasvinfellover asked:

πŸ‘€ for whichever bab(s) of yours you'd like

"...And that's the tea."

"Wow, what a loser"

"Can't say I'm surprised"

(aka : pretty blond guys that like to bitch about stuff club)

((fuck now I kinda wanna make a college AU where all my OCs can interact))

timeskip asked:

πŸ‘‘ for the OC asks!!

"Doodle your OC ask game" I say, as I do way more than a doodle

Tried to use some new CSP deco ribbon brush, but, uuuuuh, idk if it goes well with my lineart.... oh well. That was fun !

So here is Louis in something like 17th c. Spanish royal garb, because why not !

(Did I tell you guys I had the beginning of a Prince Consort AU for him, or..?)

⭐ Star dress ⭐

Saw some cute dresses on Twit (I think?) and decided to make mini versions of it !

It's sparkly tulle on top of plain cotton ~