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And Crows for that same event, as a barman

Bonus comic, their bar totally has a 2.1/10 stars rating on google map

And bonus bonus logo because I made myself laugh at that shitty pun

So this month's challenge on my new art discord was "give your OCs a job"

Louis is a model, Emilie a lifeguard/firefighter ~

(That red star is my "team"'s logo btw)

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LLLC, Chapter 5 : Memories

I usually make the cover after the chapter is done, but this illustration turned out so good that I decided it would be the next chapter cover no matter what.

Now to make said chapter haha

Close up!


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Only tw for this chapter is scopophobia for page 17 to 19. So skip these if needed!

....Also, canon level of angst, but why are you even reading my stories if not for the angst?

Btw, the nightmare pages are entirely made on traditionnal, with watercolor! I wanted a style that would contrast with the regular story to show it's not normal

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....And now on Waterfall!

Still unsure wether that one will be a regular OC yet, but good practice with some new brushes I downloaded at least

Roxy can have a little Niles,,,,, as a treat

Almost half-way thru chapter 8, stopped to make this reaction pic out of a panel

"Not much angst in this chapter" still mean there will be some angst... >:)

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"Please step on me"

Alright first big illu on CSP

The watercolor tool is trickier than on SAI, but I'm getting there ~