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[id: two colored drawings of Sunny and Mikayla respectively wearing fancy clothes.

Sunny is a human with somewhat dark skin, brown eyes, and dark hair shaved on the sides. She is wearing a gray suit over a blue shirt. The suit has turquoise accents at the collar, sleeves, and ruffles at the bottom portion that hangs down behind her. She also wears black lipstick, eyeshadow, and a necklace with a diamond-shaped pendant. She has one hand in her pocket and the other raises a glass in the air, and she's smiling.

Mikayla is an elf with light skin, blue eyes, and wavy blond hair pulled into a loose bun. She is wearing a floor-length dress the color of fire and a pearl necklace and matching bracelet. She also has round glasses and eyeshadow. She holds one arm with her other hand as though shy and looks off to the side wistfully, smiling.

end id.]

drawn by maddy, who asked me to upload them here!

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did some doodling earlier this week and forgot to post them here heres quinn and hazels mom vivian

oh right i have art i can post sometimes

botw doodles

This is a birthday gift for Min Min!

I hope you enjoy it! PLEASE DON’T STEAL.

Reblogs are welcomed and loved~!

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does this outfit make any sense? no. does it look cool? yes. that's all that matters thanks for coming to my tedtalk

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I finally got the time to finish this. Almost scrapped it entirely, but then had the most ridiculous idea of 'hey maybe this thing only needs more plants'. So here we are...

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Six Fanarts

Saw this in my art folder and thought I may as well share it here.