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Promare AU

Okay so I love Promare and I love my babies so an AU was bound to happen

In which Crows is the Mad Burnish leader (and i dunno who his lieutenants are), Emilie is a mix of Galo and Aina but with more brain, and Louis is the meek secretary of Governor Maria

Plot and spoilers for movie under

The first half of the movie is the same,,,,

  • The second half doesnt happen at all because Louis fucking murder the governor during the dragon scene (cf the little comic strip)

  • Said murder calm down both Emilie and Crows, who then cooperate to use the Prometh Lab info given by Louis to find the Deus Ex Machina and still end up burning Earth to close the rift

  • Meanwhile Louis got arrested for murder. But he also has a shitton of incriminating evidence against Gov' Maria, the Parnassus scientists, and other political figures. Turns out he's been undercover for personnal revenge for years (boyfriend was a burnish and got killed)

  • So everyone is a bit confused

  • But somehow Louis manage to get all the burnish crimes on him while Maria's entourage fall with him

  • He got life sentence, but Crows, Emilie, and former burnish lawyers are working to change that

  • They videocall him every week. Crows and Emilie are now roomates.

  • They have also been appointed as de-facto specialists of burnish and help with new settlements and fighting prejudice. (i.e Crows punch people while Emilie make speeches on TV)

  • Except one day there's incident

  • Louis has somehow reawaken his Promare

  • And now the other two must juggle hiding this from the public, dealing with a now half-mute and very traumatized Louis and find out how the fuck it all happened as fast as humanly possible...

  • Turns out Louis was assaulted in jail

  • And turns out some Promare developped a sense of individuality after fusing with human for so long. So they were unhappy to leave and decided to come back. Louis' one was the first to manage it, fueled by the fear and anger of its host

  • There's much less of them (couple hundred?) So the Earth is no longer at risk. But theyre all talking to Louis at once which explain his whole "overwhelmed h24" state

  • In the end only the ones who liked being Burnish get their Promare back, Emilie and Crows have to fight many more people but there is no civil war, and Louis somehow get into politics after exposing the private life of a corrupted official

Clothes doodles!

Some of them may end up as mini clothes...

Hua Cheng 🦋🦋🦋

These cheap paint markers are kinda hard to use. Also need to do a color chart, because apparently dark red isn't darker than normal red. Just... pinker and more desaturated.

Oh, well, you pay for what you get.

First acrylic painting on canvas !

Spent two days adding layer after layer... tradi painting is harder than I thought ! :3

Dunno if you can see it, but I used metallic gold paint on the hair & jewellery !

(Also my dad say this looks like a 70's jesus hippie painting but I disagree)

Chapter 9 inking has started !

(Help I'm still behind on those online midterms)

When the usually smooth sarcastic fucker is left speechless by a single, simple act of reciprocated affection : *Chief kiss*

Also this is a redraw of an older drawing and I'm totes flexing because improvement/10:

Beach babes

Okay, this is a test before I go and try to post the full LLLC comic on WF. Old mini-comic about how Emilie and Crows can and will work together if it's to fuck with Louis.

Can you guys read this shit okay? Are the files too big? Not big enough?

🔥 Lio Fotia 🔥





anyway, this took me five hours straight, the death of three promarkers and numerous rewind of the Promare OST

Now that he's appeared in the story, I can positively spam you guys with my emo-looking resting bitch faced son without feeling guilty~

Drawing wings is both a blessing and a curse

I was desperately rb'ing my art on twitt to try to get more than 3 likes and 1 reblog on the pieces I'm proud of, and I realized I had never posted this one on WF. So I'm correcting that!

This is watercolor on Canson paper, with glitter pens to write the text (Hence why it's hard to read) ((also I slapped a filter on it because my bedroom light is shitty and you couldnt see most details with lower contrast))

[Text on the left : "The Prettiest Rose has the Greatest Thorns"]

[Text on the right : "Wild Flowers grow Higher than Tamed Ones"]

Louiiiiiiiiiis my boiiiiiiii

Are you ready to suffer? :D

<span data-mce-bogus="1" data-mce-type="format-caret" id="_mce_caret">(Alcohol markers + black pens)</span>