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Okay I finished Botw

And damn

That Calamity Ganon is the stuff of nightmares

The ending itself it kinda cute tho

Now to see if I buy the DLC...

Today is internship interview call day

And im already nervous before it even starts

Im 100% rexarding myself by destroying Ganon this afternoon after its over

fucking shit decisions

Do I do the Right thing despite knowing I can't do shit and probably won't help and it'll be awkward as fuck


Do I do the Selfish thing because I kinda just want to lay down and nap or play botw all weekend and I'm not really sure I have the emotionnal availability to process the shit

Fucking hell I wish I was a single-celled organism some days

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Oh and if we do play pokemon XD tomorrow I can talk about my pokemon AU cause of course I have one of those.

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@silver commented:
YESSSS POKEMON AU do all your characters have pokemon teams?? do you have a mystery dungeon sub-AU?? I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW THESE THINGS

lmfao, of fucking course they all have their own teams. though, they need to be updated cause I made them pre-gen 8. I got a fucking spreadsheet for this shit.

Regardless of how I need to update the teams, each of my characters are in whichever region I thought would suit them best. Jasvin (and therefore her entire whole family) are in Orre, though I'm sure she would also enjoy how much of a spectacle gym battles are in Galor so she would undoubtedly travel there, after she takes care of shit in Orre. Zariel and Dani are in Unova. Nereza is in Alola. Then Arashi is in Jhoto.

And I've never thought about a PMD sub-AU, I'm not even sure what id do with a PMD AU

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My true problem with participating in capitalism?

Not enough time to vibe man. Always have to be on a time schedule. Can't just let my brain go and do its own thing without that in the back of my mind. We have work in an hour and 45, but we gotta leave 15 minutes before then to get there on time. Gotta stop anything that we're doing 15 minutes before that because we have to be perceivable in a pleasant light to strangers. When I get home I have anywhere from 2 to 6 hours (depending on how much time I want tomorrow) to do all the things I need to do before bed (eat, hygeine, socialize, tend to pets).

And when I do have a day off thats not dedicated to anything in particular, Im usually insanely worried I'm not being productive enough on the things I spent all week angry that I wasn't able to do (which ultimately takes away from doing that thing). Even if that is a product of being tired and not being able to go the speed I had been going all week on my day off. I have to continually remind myself that sometimes there just isn't enough energy or time available to me and I am correctly prioritizing things. Paying rent and bills is important. Im aware of how the system is trying to trap me and keep me in this state where I haven't the energy to act out or be creative because thats dangerous on a massive scale. It drives consumerism as I ever strive for more self actualization I'll never achieve serving the capitalism that both hinders and allows my survival.

It makes the dream of working for myself so much more tantalizing, and I think about it often. But selling yourself on your own merits leaves you even more prone to the crushings of capitalism. You can work your hardest and still not make it, even if you did everything """right""".

I used to think that the world was just something built for a different type of person because I never fit in it quite right. Now I know the truth.

The world was intentionally not built for me. It was built to control me.

#Repour #Text #Capitalism #This post came into my room and slapped me in the face #Because its the truth #I remember seeing people comment that the *regular* 39h/week #(note that this is in France which already has strict laws regarding work hours AND mostly for regular desk jobs AND not counting overtime) #was a biproduct of women doing all chores #While men worked the jobs #The truth is that it is p. much impossible te live a fullfilling life when you have to juggle all the responsabilities life puts on you #When I has my paid internship i had a 39h week #but with 3h of commute and went by carpool so when my coworker did overtime well so did I #And I was always tired #I beat myself for sleeping in on the weekends instead of being productive #It went to the point I skipped dinner to have time to draw #Thats not healthy #But thats capitalism and I cant not live in a society #And I just. I get why so many people change their way of living midlife #its morally crushing to live like that #At this point I can only hope we can somehow change mentalities and. Idk. Make better laws? #But that wont happen as long as Bezos and other ppl selling other ppl souls are in charge

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Killed my first Lynel in Botw!!!

Super proud, but i really need to find more shields now (my guardian-killing methods are... in need of some improvement)

Also I now understand the amount of Zelda/Urbosa fics. That flashback was gay as fuck

Also need to stalk the sky-noodle to upgrade my tunic


My bathroom doorknob fell and stopped me and my sister from taking a bath

I lost my cat in the attic

I stuck a metal file into the door hole three or four times to open that b!tch

I took a shower

And recuperated my cat

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i still wonder how on earth did we get from "its okay and necessary to experience negative emotions" to "if negative emotions are not your main driving force right now you are doing life wrong"

you have the right to be angry and sad, yes! but you also have the right to be happy!

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plenty things in world be angry & sad abt rn, plenty things where might want demand change

but still need take care of self, & that means allow happy too
in hard times more than ever need happy moments! happy moments is how not lose self into spiral where feel nothing worth anything & should give up!
not to mention happy moments is how connect w other ppl, & even self - if destroy all happy then destroy any chance of real connect, & that's WORST thing when world this messy & ppl already so disconnect! is not smth should promote!

like obv be mindful & careful of circumstance, stella not say should throw big corona party or anything, but like
talk to ppl, make jokes, dance round & sing, work on arts & crafts, do anything which fun even if others want say "useless"!
does not matter if never leaves your room, or if reaches whole world: happy is NOT useless, is NOT ignorance, is NOT giving up!





So fucking unfair, guess im going to jump from a cliff to kill myself in front of Sidon so he can see his sister

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Rating TikTok POV tropes

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for @mcatnip

POV stands for point of view and it was originally something to make the viewer feel like they're part of some story and then moved on to just making up stories. Im rating the tropes they have by the 10 WTFs? scale.

Government erases everyone's mind every year: what. Wait, WHAT? What government in the right mind would do that? How would people work if they forget their experience? How would they raise children if they forget who those childrens are? Yeah I know people with short-term memory loss probably manage those things, but it would not be profitable for the government at all to make everyone into that. Yes, I know you wanna cry into the camera to the "I love you for infinity song" as you're "losing the love of your life", but come on you can choose a more believable dystopian settings for this. 10 wtf/10

You know when you/other person could die but you can't tell anyone: why can't you tell? What happenes if you tell? Also, if you answer "oh, no reason" to every "why" four times in a row, your friends WILL suspect something. If you just added some reason, it could make a nice emotional story. 6 wtf/10

You can feel/hear/smell everything your soulmate feels/hears/smells: that would just sensory overload any human. Also this evolves into some bizarre plots like "I am allergic to peanuts and as my soulmate ate them i died", what?! 8 wtf/10

You get a limited amount of steps/words/breaths each year: could have been used to explain the spoons theory, maybe, but again. The execution! The character is essentially disabled for years and nothing is changed in their school life whatsoever. Somehow, their biggest problem is not being able to talk to their crush or sit with the cool kids - what about all the dificulties in the education they would have?! Not to mention, in the end they're either "cured" because they finally get a decent amount of words/steps/etc. or they die?! Big sigh. Abled people are at it again, 9wtfs/10

The amount of money in your bank account is showing over your head: whoa. That means people can't evade taxes anymore, the world gets easier or harder for the robbers, no one can ever lie about their money, and... And... Nevermind, it's just a story about a boy who was hated for being poor but later prasied for being rich. Anyway, i wouldn't want to live in that world, no matter how much money I'd have. 8wtfs/10

You and your soulmate share a bank account before you even meet: no no no no no why??? 10wtf/10

like for part 2

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i don't think you're ready for part 2

I got victimized by the goddamn Thunder Moutain Lynel at least a dozen times

Before I realized I only had to pick up the arrow. and not. fight him.

Then I proceeded to perfectly one shot Vah'Rutah, so.

Suck it Lynel, I WILL come back for you once I have better armor. And weapons. And bows. And potions. and-

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Hey. To all the artists, writers, and photographers on here: You're all so dang skilled.

no for real theres so many ppl here w so much talent what the heck

Do y-you want to be my friend?

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I really want to make more friend's here on Waterfall because I really really hate twitter.

Things I like:

-FE 3 Houses, FE Fates just for Niles, Danganronpa (I wasn't in the fandom though), MP100, Watership Down, The Hobbit and TLOTR (I know it's flawed), Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Undertale, ATLA, These are the Mysteries, Pandora Hearts, Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro, Still need to finish Assasination Classroom, Etrian Odyssey, Dungeons and Dragons and other TTR games.

Things I draw:

-Monsters, Furries, Pr0n, Pretty boys

I also write and would love to do more forum roleplay someday, sigh.

Why is it so hard to list the things you like of the top of your head when it's important? TBH Even if we have no common interests if you want to be friends let's be fuckn friends let's DO IT. I am an EXTROVERT and I have ENERGY TO GIVE.

Reblog if you want to be my friend.

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( ͡° ͜V ͡°) yes

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#we are thirsty and he's the whole damn lake

OP you cannot hide this in the tags !

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Due to some circumstances, employees are now allowed to kill 2 customers a month if they have reasonable motivation