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Been staring at it for too long, is anatomy okay on this?

I have a doubt on the torso/legs ratio...

80roxy08 -

I think the legs are better, but now the head looks weirdly big on this picture... its fine IRL tho...

Clothes doodles!

Some of them may end up as mini clothes...

Half-way thru chapter 9 rough sketchs ~!

(Well this page is more like detailed sketch already)


Should I make a miniature sunroom... or a greenhouse..?

@babushka made me want to try animating again!

(Except it takes super long to do, so I probs won't do it much)

((Also timing and camera movement are hard))

In complete opposition to the posts I'm seeing about splurging, I caved and bought a sewing ebook I had been wanting 😂

I mean, it's only 15 bucks out of my 200 bucks last salary, but....

Anyway, it's giving me ideas ! (Also the way they sew the collar is. Brillant???. I could never do one straight enough but this is a fucking game changer)

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I'm trying out Affinity Photo and so far it's pretty good.

Though, at least compared to Firealpaca(which I've been using so far), it's not made to be as quick and convenient and simple, but instead it seems the developers focused more on adding in as much tools and brushes and so on as possible.

Doodle dump

Was inspired by @jasvinfellover sketches and decided to just go and draw without a fixed plan. It's liberating. I recommand 👍

  • Red : A sketch based on Promare and its OST song "Ashes" that I may try to paint at some point. Maybe. That song is fucking beautiful and the scene it is in is... emotional.

  • Orange : Louis as a magical girl? boi? Idol?

  • Brown : hands.

  • Green : Chibi Liam

  • Blue : Draw random brushes strokes and then made a creature based on what those random strokes evoked to me. Have a dinosaur chicken?

  • Pale purple : full dinosaur chicken trying to eat human. I love creature design, should try to go back to it more often

  • Dark purple : Tried to design an apperance for Sofia and Cole, the OG protagonists of LLLC before it was called like that. Unsure about results

  • Marroon : Baby Valentin

Looks like a cinnamon roll, can kill you : Émilie

Looks like they can kill you, can kill you : Crows

Looks like they can kill you, is a sinnamon roll : Louis

sketch/WIPs dump

(top left to right) poison gym/trainersona concept sketches using drapion as inspo, jasvin/niles fluff, tried my hand at designing nereza a wedding dress, nereza in my animal crossing pocket camp villager's current outfit, mid to late game dani having a think TM