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Okay I finished Botw

And damn

That Calamity Ganon is the stuff of nightmares

The ending itself it kinda cute tho

Now to see if I buy the DLC...

Today is internship interview call day

And im already nervous before it even starts

Im 100% rexarding myself by destroying Ganon this afternoon after its over

fucking shit decisions

Do I do the Right thing despite knowing I can't do shit and probably won't help and it'll be awkward as fuck


Do I do the Selfish thing because I kinda just want to lay down and nap or play botw all weekend and I'm not really sure I have the emotionnal availability to process the shit

Fucking hell I wish I was a single-celled organism some days


My bathroom doorknob fell and stopped me and my sister from taking a bath

I lost my cat in the attic

I stuck a metal file into the door hole three or four times to open that b!tch

I took a shower

And recuperated my cat

My thighs buuuuuuurn

I spent all of yesterday shopping in Paris as a reward for myself for finishing exams, and my phone died on me. Again. So no Google maps. I ran in circle for almost two hours near Montmartre to find that one fucking art store.

You know the problem? Montmartre is on a hill. When the street go up, you feel it. Hard.

Also I was wearing some loose pants and, god, my thighs chaffed like there was no tomorrow.

I am now limping and walking weird because I simultanesously suffer from muscle pain and skin irritation.

At least I got all I wanted, and more.

Yeah anyway resident dumbest bitch fucker here (it me) completely failed their electric online final

And I can only hope that everyone else did too so the teacher has to be indulgent otherwise I'll fail and have one class to retake next semester, which I usually wouldn't mind but because of covid there will be inscriptions limitations and also I've been accepted in the Master so I'll have to take these master classes on top of the regular one and... I just. On one hand I'm frustrated and angry at myself, because maybe if I had worked harder I would have passed, but on the other, this semester was a shitfest, classes were not all greatly adapted to online teaching, and I was barely understanding that one electric class from the beginning, so I probably could not have done much better given the circumstances. But the perfectionnist and failure-phobic side of myself wants to cry.

Spend the day painting, sewing, and mostly reorganizing stuff. Details under because I'm proud !

I finally bought the Ikea SKÅDIS I've been wanting ever since I first laid eyes on it, thanks to the freaking clever desk fix they made

So my whole desk organisation just got a massive overhaul ; just need to sort out what goes in which box ! And buy more hooks. Hooks are useful for wire, scissors, tablet pen, security glasses, glue gun sticks packets.... I need more hooks.

And since I was in the mood, I'm also gonna rethink my craft cupboard organization. I had started separating the minis in their own cupboard earlier, since they started taking so much space, but I'm gonna move some of the crafting materials as well...

Also the tiny cardboard for clothes that I had upgraded to a big shoebox is getting full, so I'm switching strategies. I'm thinking of using a jewelry/socks hanging sorter in my own clothes wardrobe. My doors are not used inside and there's some space. The dresses and capes, though, I may leave in a box. I don't wanna flatten them too much :/

Also trying to figure how to build a basic washi tape holder out of toilet paper roll, I have too many, the previously dedicated drawer is full,,,,

And I found that disaster of a Louis plastic Keychain I tried to make ! The oven was too hot. He wants to be put out of his misery. I'm gonna display it on my desk.

@babushka that's made worse by the fact I live in the region where champagne is produced, so it's rather cheap to buy...

But also, yeah, as a french I like good food, but as a trashfire dysfonctionnal young adult I'll eat whatever is fast and filling enough.

However, McDo is a hard no. How the fuck do people even enjoy that cardboard meat ? ?? Trust me, when you make burgers at home with real wheat and rye bread and Charolais steak and emental and just the right dose of sauce... you don't go back.

Just got absolutely roasted by my father for making him read my half-assed report for my "professionnal development" class.

To be fair, I typed the whole thing in two and half hours, in a single sitting, and did not even reread it. But also, my father is suuuuper strict on reports, so I'm 100% sure it'll kick ass when I review it.

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fallow -

kinda weird that the usa was like "ah yes lets change spelling to be easier we shall eliminate unnecessary vowels and whatever" and they totally forgot about the i in friends

babushka -

me internally: don't you dare to make this perfectly innoncent post about that made up metal band. don't you da-

me externally: the a in death can also go

katiebirdie -

god everytime i type friend i always go "fry-end" in my head so i write it right

listen too-- "liss-ten." why is there a t?? at least the i in friend is pronunced in some accents, i've never heard an accent where listen has a t!!

fallow -

thats valid,, reminds me of my mom trying to convince little-me that i was pronouncing "subtle" wrong...conversation ended with her telling me the b in subtle was subtle and i just didnt have any comeback to that-

while we're talking about this i'm also lowkey miffed that zh isn't a consonant pair in english

mcatnip -

do you mean zh as in "voiced th" or "russian ж"? or something else?

also, the words business and busyness should be pronounced the same

babushka -

they AREN'T???

timeskip -

Yeah, business is pronounced "biz-nehss" and busyness is "biz-ee-ness" (if you can understand the way I typed out the pronunciation orz) (What matters is that there's an extra syllable in busyness that's not in business... stupid language rules, ouch)

Another word that I have to say in my head is "island." Why is the "s" there??? Why didn't you take it out??? Although, that might end with a knockoff Apple land product... iLand...

awakeingdreamer -

I'm sorry, but is anyone going to point out that the French only pronounce the first half of words?

babushka -

french can go sit in the corner forever and hand over like 2/3 of its letters in every word

star-rice -

English does not more of a pass than French. No way. At least French is about 85% consistent (even if that consistency is throwing half your pronounciation into the ocean). English is like 1/4th French in some way shape or form even if that form is English, during a time, mugging French in a back alley and stealing a whole bunch of words and forgetting to tell everyone that they're french (ie confusing the fuck out of anyone who didn't get the initial memo and had to just kinda play along with words like buffet, colonel, lacquer, chauffeur, or bureau). Any of those fun homophone poems that are awful to read if you're a non-fluent speaker/writer owe 90% of their existence to French.

star-rice -

A list of homophones with highlighted words having a basis in French etymology.

Theres no way this is 100% accurate or thourough, but it is a good example ofhow much of our language takes a root in French.

Most of what I did was cross reference these two places:

80roxy08 -

French here!

My language is a clusterfuck of weird pronunciation and grammary rules that even native speakers cannot comprehend, I firmly believe French is one of the language that makes no sense unless it's your first language, and the fact that some people learn it makes me admire them (or think they're masochistic).

"Il eusse fallu que vous le ressassassiez." Completely correct subjonctive past perfect, but no one ever use that tense. Fun fact: used in Renault ads a couple years ago.

English has strong roots in French because of the 11th c. Norman invasion. That leaded to the pork/pig or beef/cow differences : the Saxons words means the animals, 'cause peasants worked the farms, while the French-derivative ones (porc = pork, boeuf = beef) are for food, i.e what the French nobles ate.

But it's reversed in the 20-21st c., after WWII, the Marshall plan (jean, revolver, talkie-walkie) and recently new technologies : a lot of English words are being used & deformed in French. Example? "Like" => "Liker", the -er suffixe being for verbs.

"J'ai vu que tu a liké ce post" = "I saw you gave a like to this post". It's not the English meaning of "like" = to appreciate, but specific to social network "like" = give an heart/thumbs up.

Verre, vert, vers : same pronunciation, three to four differents meanings : (Verre = glass, but can be 'a glass of water' or the material itself, vert = green, vers = toward, or worm).

Glace : do you mean mirror, ice cream, or ice? Context babe

Pronunciation level : hardcore. "Oiseau" = bird. It's pronunced Wa-Zo.

One ? Un oiseau, Un NWa-Zo. Plural? Oiseaux = Wa-Zo. The 'X' is mute. Several? Des oiseaux = des Zwa-Zo.

Plural of many words add a 's' at the end, like English. Unlike English, that 's' is almost always mute. But some words have an 'x' at the end for plural : still mute, you have to learn which words are exceptions because there is no set rules, it's only some words.

Bijoux. Genoux. Hiboux. I'm having primary school flashbacks rn.

We've also stolen some words from German, and a lot from Arabic, and other African dialects (consequences of colonization) : babouche, caïd, couscous...

Ah, yes, how could I forgot accents? Student = "élève" = Eh(but sharp, goes up)+leh(regular eh, goes down)+v'(the e is mute)

"a" and "à" have the same pronunciation, but different meanings and use.

"Ouïe" = hearing = Ou-i. BTW, same pronunciation as "oui" = yes.

"Préféré" et "préfère" = not the same pronunciation, nor the same use in a sentence. Both are forms of the verb "préférer" (same pronunciation as the first)

What I hate most about my language is the fact that everything is gendered. And that if there is one (1) singular male object along several female ones, you automatically have to switch to the masculine pural.

Some nouns have no female form, but there are unofficial ones being used : Auteure, a female writter. Docteure = a female doctor (Thought I think "doctoresse" work as well?). Some people think it looks ugly. I think it's a good thing we stop assuming the default is male.

Also the French academy refuse to aknowledge it (but fuck these white old men) but inclusive writting has become more common. Example, a regular politeness formula to begin a speech : "Dear student/s" = "Chèr.e.s élève.s" => Include both the female and plural form of the word. That's a bit longer, but much more appreciated by young people.

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80roxy08 -

Nnnhhh.... when you have that vibrant red fabric whose color you love but it frays like there's no tomorrow and this is worse for small seam allowances which is basically all of the doll clothes I do

Anyway first objective of the de-quarantine is the craft store and either fray check or light interfacing

...and maybe white coton/linen because if I have nothing to do this summer, might as well make myself a shirt. With ruffles.

80roxy08 -

I have obtained fusible interfacing, and threw 15 bucks into a good 4 square meters of off-white light cotton fabric

Now to find the correct shirt pattern for myself

Also found some lovery gold satin for a tiny tux.

I kinda want to do the "hi" music ask game as well...

But more than half my playlists are in French. And some in Japanese. And there's a couple of Spanish and Italian as well.

So I'm not sure anyone want to receive a mix of languages that makes no sense... Thoughts ?

This morning online class:

*Prof talking*: "blablabl-"


*Students* : Spam chat, speak out loud about the fact there is a connection problem, use camera to make sign to him

*prof deco-reco, apologize, keep talking* : Blablablab-


Rinse and repeat about 15 times

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babushka -

parents who don't allow children to cut/die their hair what the DUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM?????

babushka -

@autiestella i kinda meant more like going to hairdresser altogether? like "no you can't have a haircut you want or dye your hair like ever"

80roxy08 -

Tbh one of the best memory I have is when I decided to cut my hair short

Both my mom and the hairdresser were like "Are you sure ? That's very short" and I kept saying "Shorter please"

And that one time I wanted it even shorter, the absolute wonderful madwoman of a hairdresser took the hair clipper, and shaved a strip straight on my headside at the moment my mother was entering the store, asking afterward "Is that still too long?". I can swear I saw my mom's soul leave her body. Also the haircut was lovely so win-win.


Mister Macron just said universities are staying closed 'til mid-july at least

Guess I'll have time for more drawings and stuff...