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Animal Crossing Villager Showcases

Showcases featuring 8 Animal Crossing villagers each.

From top to bottom and left to right, included villagers are…

Showcase 1: Whitney, Kyle, Hazel, Pierce; Lobo, Bella, Goldie, Alfonso.
Showcase 2: Kiki, Mott, Rosie, Walker; Rolf, Diva, Shep, Olivia.

Showcase 1 features 7 of my longstanding villagers, plus Hazel. (At the time of drawing, I couldn't remember which squirrel villager I'd originally kept in Wild World, and confused Sally with Hazel; Sally will get her own piece outside the showcases later on.) Side decorations are the four seasons, and a Nook-branded sailboat at sea.

Showcase 2 features 8 random villagers I happen to like, including one or two I've had in different games. Side decorations are the four categories for the New Horizons museum (as of April), and an island horizon.

(Showcase 1 originally completed 03/20; Showcase 2 originally completed 04/20.)


One day I'll finally have a proper story for my OCs in a soft-apocalypse setting. One day.

Rough sketches of chapter 7 done!

Now to make the detailed sketches and ink all 19 pages...

...maybe later tho. I haven't eaten yet --"

Good point of Internet restrictions is that suddenly I have much more time to draw

Art deco stuff is really pretty. Wish I could make a LLLC poster in Mucha's style...

One of the golden rules in comic-making is, if possible, show rather than tell.

It's something I try to do, cause setting a mood can replace a whole explanation

That said, drawing people making out is freakishly complicated - -"

Rain-y doodle... but it's a sunny afternoon here ! ^^

The last dancing drawing was pretty fun to make, so I started another. Poses are hard but so worth it!!

Maybe I should start a dance serie with all my OC. ..?

Bleeding heart and broken bones

Listen I haven't had a biology class in years but I did my best.

I should do more drawings in a simple, clean style like this! Pencil shading is always so relaxing

Maybe I'm doodling in class. Maybe.

They're... ready for a night out ? Going to a party?

Idk it's fancy hair time.

Okay now that's what I call a doodle collage!

Sorry for bad pic quality tho ^^"

This time it's only my webcomic's OCs. Some that aren't even there yet~

Not putting it in the art post for... obvious reasons....

I am a very serious student. I swear!

Mostly my OCs, some random stuff... sometimes I doodle things related to the class...