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Outer robe done ~ Now I need to make a lower skirt

The miniatures of the day are : a red coffee table, a tiny cat-shaped foam latte art in a white cup, light pink lilies in a pot, and a white and wooden hourglass

I wanna make an historical mini dress!

Here's my attempt at a custom pattern for the top (sleeves are from an official pattern book ) ~☆

Last time I went to Paris I impulse bought a very lovely tiny porcelain dish set

I wanted to take pictures, but I realized that I don't have any tiny table that is either big or classy enough to compliment it.

So today I'm making a mini table. And a decorated chest/travel trunk, while I'm at home with access to the dremel

Worked on my mini kitchen today!

Added induction plates, and finished the oven so it could open and fit one of my plate

The white cupboard is supposed to be partially hidden behind a curtain, but I'm hesitating on whether to put it or not

2020 To do list of crafts

Thell's post about being amazing was very inspiring, and I realized that while I always have a ton of ideas and project I never wrote it down anywhere. So I'm going to do it here, to help me remember and stay motivated, and also if I ever has some down time maybe I'll ask you guys what you want to see the most


  • Urgent, Top priority, Move your fucking ass you dumb bitch [[@me : Finish LLLC chapter 7, and make a cover

  • That one cover of Louis sensually eating grapes in a toga

  • That one cover of young Louis draped dramatically over a golden lion statue

  • LLLC art book (clothe swap n°2 and push-up bonus as exclusive illustrations) (also maybe redraw more memes)

  • The watercolor deer on black paper

  • More creature design. Maybe a whole sheet of dragons?


  • Cardboard animals (Chocobo, Deer, Dragon?)

  • Maybe try for a human shaped cardboard 'doll' ; Lio &/or Galo proportions?

  • Papercut landscape illuminated by back light led box

Sewing (mini)

  • Mattress and bed sheets

  • More shirt

  • More shoes (high heels for sure, baskets? )

  • Lion on black sweat

  • "Fuck you" in a square on white sweat

  • Maybe others like these

  • OG story matching formal attire using that one green/gold cotton fabric

  • More 'casual' OG story clothes

  • Kotatsu


  • More food

  • And drinks!

  • Traditional japanese wooden cabinet

  • Cupboard using the round table leg

  • Secretary?

  • Treasure chest

  • Traveling chest (Louis XIV, Louis XVI, or Napoleon?)

  • Finish kitchen diorama

  • Make garden diorama using discarded kitchen tile floor, pergola (add vines) and make flowers

  • Make Mini!Émilie

  • Maybe the kids, too?

  • Alternate 3d printed hair

  • Big table and Voltaire chairs


  • Try diffusing RGB led with wrapping film/bubble wrap

  • Depending on result, go on with bigger shape and start Arduino program for a full Burnish flame for cosplay

  • Popsicles sticks robot arm commanded by nunchuk

  • Buy shield & a4988 drivers for future CNC project with a friend

  • Ask said friend to move his ass and look at the mechanical properties to adapt design to steppers

  • Mini lathe with 'recuperated' materials?

  • Find PC to scavenge PSU and try making a lab alimentation

  • More leds : in old headphones?


  • Finish Lynn&Lyo manuscript, have it read by friends/ my uni writing club, and maybe posted on WF

  • More short piece to practice writing : LLLC little scenes with divers POV ?

  • Maybe clean up my LLLC AU Google doc and post some here?


  • Think about next semester classes

  • Try to participate in my uni feminist & Lgbtq+ club next year?

  • Think about doing a master in parallel of my last year (ask teachers about equivalents credits)

  • Bake brownies

Damn so I really am 90% of the miniature/dollhouse tag?

Mini polymer clay artist, mini paper flower lovers, bjd enthusiast, where are you at????

I wanna make more mini plants

But that means I need more mini pots

I will make a couple of the 'classic shape', in cardboard

But what do you guys think about the others two?

Quilling with cardboard and papier mâché over a bottle cap shape

Also I finally went and re-did the roof of my mini house this week end

The old one looked uglier the more I looked at it ; round tiles really looks better!

Used the opportunity of having to destroy the previous one to make the new one 'clip-on' : the walls now fold (black tape in the corner) and the roof use notches to stay on. That way everything can be (almost) flat for easier stockage !

Also almost finished decorating~ I really need to finish the bed, but that's enough for a reference as it is. Maybe make more food..?

Autumn garden🍁

I guess cleaning the whole garden will take them a long time... 😅

I wanted to show off the straw hat and overalls I made, and thankfully the sun agreed to help today!

Yesterday I finally went and fixed the mini house window

Which means all the big parts are done! Now what's left is mostly cosmetic (fixing walls together but idk how because I want it removable for future cleaning) and adding cupboards and more false wood beams

And making more furniture : see the wip of a chair

I just realized I should probably show a full pic to give an idea of what my smol beans are ^^"

Both heads are 3D printed (hair+face) while the bodies are OB11.

Palm-sized cuties ~