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Miniature comforter

Today I learnt :

  • What a quilting guide bar for sewing machine was

  • The fact that I had one

  • How to quilt

  • The fact that the thin black foam used in some of my father's miniatures packages make a good enough padding if I don't have anything else

Also, tips for other mini enthusiasts ! For more realistic folds, glue aluminium foil on the back of fabric !

⭐⭐⭐ Star Cape ⭐⭐⭐

Forgot to post it as well yesterday, but I also started doing embroidery ! Well, only basic cross-stitch and straight stitch for now ~

Got inspired by a pattern I saw online, and just went off while thinking of stars. Also lined the inside with golden satin because my stitches ending/start were a mess ^^"

(Mini) FE Niles Cosplay !

Just because the only con I ever go to got cancelled does not mean I can't do cosplay at home. Or, in this case, mini cosplay.

Isn't he cute ?

@jasvinfellover I'm tagging you because I wanna hear your screams

πŸ‘— Robe XVIIIe siΓ¨cle πŸ‘—

(18th c. dress)

Based on the "English/Polish dresses", very popular in France in the late 1700's

Also you can't see it but I made assorted shoes. Go big or go home.

Here's the test version btw:

I still have a couple accessories to make, such as the paper carrots and the given citrus slices, but my mini kitchen is mostly done!

I really, really love these DIY kits. Simply adorable and full of beautiful details!

Made a very simple yet stylish skirt today !

Those were supposed to be pansies, but they kinda look like short poppies... Oh well. 🌱🌷

And a smol pillow, 'cause I really love that fabric ~β™‘

naiad asked:

Did you make your dolls yourself too? I love your little miniatures and doll clothes so much! It's all so unique and neat

Aaaah thank you! πŸ˜„

Yes and no? I bought the bodies, they're Obitsu11, but I sculpted and 3d printed the heads (hair and faces) and then painted it!

The Zbrush 3d sculpt

The actual 3d print result

Also Ob11 only come in white and whiter so I painted P'tit Louis' body, but since the hands are soft vinyl the paint keep flaking πŸ˜…

Outer robe done ~ Now I need to make a lower skirt

The miniatures of the day are : a red coffee table, a tiny cat-shaped foam latte art in a white cup, light pink lilies in a pot, and a white and wooden hourglass