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Today is internship interview call day

And im already nervous before it even starts

Im 100% rexarding myself by destroying Ganon this afternoon after its over

Am still alive just in case someone wanted to know ~u~

I just started my paid internship, and I carpool to go work, which means my days are significantly shorter now. But I really love the job I've been given and I know it'll teach me lots of useful stuff, so that's good!!!

Also I've been plowing through LLLC's chapter 5 all nights for more than a week now, I'm 3/4 done and update can be expected in 1-2 business weeks lol

That been said, I'm also thinking of the way I want it to go from there, because chapter 6 will be what I consider "the end of the prologue" (aka all main chara introduced, relationships & personality developed, and plot hinted at)

I may need to recruit people to beta read a chapter or two (dont wanna fuck up when introducing a character with a lgbt+ background that I have no experience in) but other than that, I may take a break to organize plot better

I thought about making a Q&A during that break ; anyone interested? Maybe even start a side-blog if there's enough questions

So, yeah, does anyone even read my comic here? And if you do, q&a : yay or nay?

My mails were a fucking toundra for 2 months, and now, this week, I get two positives answers for my paid internship???

Believe in yourself in guess

And spam CV like you're making it rain.