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I wanna make an historical mini dress!

Here's my attempt at a custom pattern for the top (sleeves are from an official pattern book ) ~☆


Should I make a miniature sunroom... or a greenhouse..?

Update on the flamme prop

Hard to do, but looking good. There's some gap between pieces, I'll try to fix that with hit glue. The cloudy deposit is probably condensation, I can remove it by scraping with a nail.

So off to saw and glue for the whole day I am ~

lightningcats -

oh while im here...

id literally pay for someone to design the lightning cats uniforms (not this month tho), but idk how this even works like can you adopt a uniform?

lightningcats -

[[MENTION:[[@80roxy08]]]] how much do you charge?

80roxy08 -

Uuuh depends on medium/size/details?

Of course you'll need colors, and I'm guessing full body (so u can see shoes) but then it depends if I do a full ref sheet (face + side + back + maybe details) or just a face view and some details for each character ? And if you want like 16783920 colors per outfit or not, and that stuff

I'm eyeballing it because I never made ref sheets for others, and mine were done with traditional medium (which always take longer) but based on time taken + complexity, I can probs say 20 to 30 € ? For three outfits I mean. I'll have to discuss it further with you if I realize that extra could be needed for a super complex armor or that kind of stuff

Also I hope it can wait a little? Because I'd really like to finish my chapter 6 before getting into another big drawing project. Not super long, but I'm guessing I still have 1 to 2 weeks to go. Is that okay with you?