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Paladan Process GIF

a simple gif of my usual process

@babushka made me want to try animating again!

(Except it takes super long to do, so I probs won't do it much)

((Also timing and camera movement are hard))

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bday gift for Penny B. Parker aka "Frappe GIrl" !! she turned 21 on Tuesday!!

Hey I channeled my inner 14 years old and did that random edgy thing

Hey how you're doing? Me, I'm fine, I'm lying, I'm dying inside~

Final week + heatwave warnings + change of like half the test period to earlier morning or late afternoon to avoid too much sun, but still slowly melting in my own room? It's more likely than you think.

Anyway this animation is starting to actually looks good, Imy fucking hyped, I can and will do my own anime opening at some point.

While you were offline, I studied the Walk Cycle

Nah really, spent a couple of hours on these, from "Are the arms doing a 360°???" first try to "Oh I'm totes gonna make an anime opening, aren't I?" last try

Also bonus "2-frames-epilepsy-beginning-of-lines"

Normal people : "Okay, I'm just starting to learn how to animate, I should stick to simple things..."

Me, a fool : "I'm gonna make a hand!"

So, not bad, but I need to figure out Vector layers for Smooth Lines

Only easy step-by-step animation tutorial I've found for now was the ball.


A ball.

(Oh and also to use guidelines so the heads/proportions don't go awry, which is very intelligent and something I would've never thought to use)

me: i'm going to draw a human character

my brain: dinosaur

me: I--

my brain: Dinosaur.

gif 1: head bob!

gif 2: bigger idle animation

gif 3: small idle animation

gif 4: blink

5 is the original art by me