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@babushka that's made worse by the fact I live in the region where champagne is produced, so it's rather cheap to buy...

But also, yeah, as a french I like good food, but as a trashfire dysfonctionnal young adult I'll eat whatever is fast and filling enough.

However, McDo is a hard no. How the fuck do people even enjoy that cardboard meat ? ?? Trust me, when you make burgers at home with real wheat and rye bread and Charolais steak and emental and just the right dose of sauce... you don't go back.

babushka asked:


My food tastes wildly vary between "poor student at the end of the month" and "parisian diva"

As in : I love champagne rosΓ© and salmon, but also coquillettes/jambon (pasta with ham)

jasvinfellover asked:

shit, just saw the tag on the emoji ask

do you prefer cold weather or hot?

can you play an instrument? if so, what instrument?


Yes thk u ur previous message was a bunch of "XXX" to me haha

Can I get a F in the chat for my phone ?


  • Hot weather all the way : I'm always kinda cold, and what else is best but lay on a warm surface under the burning sun to wake your inner reptile ?

  • I once took bugle/clairon lessons, but that was yeaaaars ago and I stopped pretty fast because, unfortunately, I really don't have an ear for muscic. I kept to drawing and stuff since, listening is much nicer than doing ^^"

  • Hummus,,,, rather good.