so i've finally decided to post these on here, for my first tries at pixel art i'm pretty happy with how they turned out :)

(had to repost because the format was super weird and it displayed blurred for some reason)

first, the second one on a lilac background because i'm an undecisive disaster

and second, a little rant (that ended up being not so little) :

it's a fight against myself for me to post this, because i'm super insecure about everything i make, and i either think it's shit, or i think that it's not good enough to be posted online (even if i'm personnally happy with it). but i also realized that, if i wait to make something that i find worthy of being posted to start sharing my art online, i'm gonna end up never posting anything. so.

one of the things that convinced me to post this is the 2009vs2019 thing that i've seen artists doing on twitter and instagram. for most of them, the contrast is pretty striking. it was really reassuring in a way, because it reminded me that artists whose work i love and admire, they didn't start out that way. it's so easy to forget that getting to the level of detail and quality of what "popular" artists, who are often professionals, make, takes a very very long time; because when artists post something, we don't see that. we don't see the years of work, the thousands of hours spent praticing and perfecting their craft, the countless drawings that never got posted. we only see the result of that. and so our vicious brains (or at least my vicious brain, but i don't think i'm alone here) convinces us that we should also be able to do that, and that unless we make something that is on that level, it isn't worth sharing with the world. having such an easy access to other people's art and creations is truly amazing, it's one of my favorite things about social media, but i think it also sets a very high bar for beginner and/or amateur artists, and i end up putting a shit ton of pressure on myself in regards to what i consider to be "good enough" (the fact that i'm very perfectionnist doesn't help), because i can't help comparing my work to the one of people who have years of experience that i obviously don't.

one of my main concerns with posting this was "but what if in a few years/months i think this is really bad and i regret posting it". well, i'm happy with these drawings now. and if in ten years, two years or even a few months i'm not anymore, it's okay. it's okay to start small ; and there is no shame in acknowledging that you've improved, but also that you can and will improve. if in a few months/years, i'm able to make stuff that is a lot more complex and much better than this (and i hope i will), it doesn't mean that this was bad to start with. it means that it was a start. and if i want to share it, i shouldn't be stopped by the idea of an hypothetical "better" work that i will make later and that i should share instead.

sorry for this long long rant, but i needed to write this out, and now that i have, i realize that i just unwinded some lowkey toxic beliefs i had about my own art, and the idea of sharing it, so that's pretty cool !

80roxy08 -

In answer to your rant : one of the reason the contrast of 2009vs2019 of professional artist on Twitt/Insta is also the fact that they are professional. Meaning they get paid to work on their art, and therefore to train and improve on a daily basis. Beginners, and hobbyist, often don't have the funds, or time, but it's related, for that. So you improve more slowly.

Which is fine! You can be an artist without making it your main source of income, and honestly I prefer to do so in order to not put too much pressure on what I think as a relaxing activity. But this also means I need to realize I can't compare myself with 'pro'. And that goes for any beginner too.

Keeping you old stuff is also a good thing : it allows you to see how far you've come,and even if you cringe when seeing errors of the past, you know you can do better now. Or sometimes you're surprised with stuff you did, that you hated at some point, but reasier it isn't so bad, esp. with the level you had back then.

Art is constant progression, you just gotta remind yourself so from time to time!

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