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did some doodling earlier this week and forgot to post them here heres quinn and hazels mom vivian

oh right i have art i can post sometimes

botw doodles

This is a birthday gift for Min Min!

I hope you enjoy it! PLEASE DON’T STEAL.

Reblogs are welcomed and loved~!


When even the pigeons have better game than you

(Just in case, guys, I'm not dead, but homework is starting to pile and I still try to keep coloring as much pages as I can so I can churn out the christmas chapter on christmas and I have biomimicry, robotic, ergonomy and hydraulic projects all needing shit for soon. Haha. Why did I do that to myself. Why.)

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does this outfit make any sense? no. does it look cool? yes. that's all that matters thanks for coming to my tedtalk

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Le Lion, Le Chien et Le Corbeau : Chapter 8 "Capillotracté"

No, chapter 8 isn't done, i'm only halfway throught inking.

Yes, that hasn't stopped me from making the cover already.

Also I'm real salty "capillotracté" doesn't have an english equivalent. It's a good word.

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I lied, chapter 8 is already up ~


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Now on WF !