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Le Lion, Le Chien et Le Corbeau : Chapter 13, Snowfall

It is done!!! I can now start chap 14 which has a lovely angsty flavor >:)

Anyway no tw for this one, this is soft, winter fluff feat Louis' general dumbassery

On Tapas and Webtoon !

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Ok don't mind me I'm going to replicate a bug for the github

readmore 1


readmore 2

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Ok don't mind me I'm going to replicate a bug for the github

readmore 1

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LLLC Orphanage!AU Part 6

Previous parts here! (readmores still fucked up uuurgh)

When he wakes up with a jolt, the first thing that tells Louis this is not his house, and, therefore, something happened, is the fact that the mattress is too soft.The second is the searing pain coming from his abdomen. And his head. And his arm.Ah, yes.

He kinda got stabbed multiple times by those grunts. They may have been dumb, but at least they knew how to wield a knife.

Everything hurts, and his head is swimming, and there is something that’s stopping him from moving his arm - his uninjured one, at least. The other, he’s not sure he could move without passing out again.

Blinking his eyes… well, eye, to try and make things a little less blurry - hello, remnant of a

mean concussion - Louis is finally able to see what, exactly, is the weight stopping him from moving his good arm.


That’s... Amélie ?

She’s slumped over, on a chair, by his bedside.

Why is she by his bedside ?

Why is he in a bed ?

He’s been sleeping on a hay mattress that is more empty air than hay for the past three weeks, so how..?

Then there is a creak, and the increased light in the room and movement in his peripheral vision tells him that someone opened a door. He doesn’t even try to move his head to follow the movement, simply blinking some more until the still kinda blurry shape comes close enough.

Once he finally manages to focus, he’s greeted by Chris’ frowning face.

Everything comes back to him at once.


He kinda passed out on him, didn’t he ?

He opens his mouth, but only a croak comes out.


That being said, this is enough to grab the other man’s attention, and there is a goblet of water near his mouth in the following minute.

Slowly sipping to not add “choking on water” to the list of embarrassing things he’s done - and, by the gods, is that list long - Louis finally manages to utter some semblance of actual words.


Hey, points for trying, at least !

But also probably the wrong thing to say, because hearing that, Chris’ eyes flash with something dangerous, and the tension on his face is obvious, and the way he opens his mouth promises one hell of a verbal beating.

Thankfully, he seems to remember they’re not alone in the room, and, with a look to Amélie, closes his mouth.

The way he’s working his jaw and grinding his teeth, however, indicate that this is only a temporary reprieve.

Louis starts shuffling a bit, thinking maybe he should face him upright instead of lying like a dead man, even, if he can’t stand up or anything yet -

And a hand promptly lands on his shoulder, firmly pushing him back down.

He raises a confused eye to the shorter man.

“Don’t even try to move, you absolute fucking dumbass !” angrily hisses Chris, barely above a whisper. “Just in case you did not remember, the knife almost went all the way to the bone in your arm, and just a few centimeters lower and your guts would have spilled from the wound on your torso. Not to mention the fact that, between the bricks and your head, it’s the former that won the fight, and you’re gonna be dizzy for some time !”


“Yeah, ‘oh’. Amélie was freaking hysterical when she saw you, all bloodied, being carried away.”

He throws a guilty stare to the sleeping child.

Even while dozing off, her face is pinched, betraying her inner turmoils. She’s clenching hard on the -

The dolls.

Dolls ?

There are two dolls in her arms. Rose’s porcelain skin and her cherry red dress contrast with Cathy’s ratty face, although the latter has also been fitted into a nice, clean, azure satin one.

“Why... Both..?”

Following his questioning stare, Chris’ eyes also land on the toys.

“Mh ? What, you’ve never seen her with her dolls before ? They’re her favorite...” his voice trails off.

And then, there is another flash in his eyes.

Realisation. Pity. And anger, again.

“Oh my god, don’t tell me this was all because of a fucking doll ? Did you seriously - ! Cathy got stained by tea when she was playing with Lucie and the maids, and she looked so desolate that I bought her a new one while we cleaned it ! Did your chicken brain got so fucked up even before the concussion that you thought she’d have thrown it away ? That toy is her most precious belonging, because YOU gave it to her, she kept saying it again and again, you freaking - !”

This time, worked up as he is, he forgot to whisper, and a grumble accompanies Amélie as she wakes up and rubs her eyes.

And then she sees that Louis is awake, and he doesn’t have time to brace himself before getting an armful of child.

Thankfully, his pained yelp is overshadowed by the girl’s crying.


The screaming is not helping with his headache, and neither is the weight of a nine years-old girl on his injured torso, but Louis still manages to raise his good arm and pats her back soothingly. He tries to shush her, or to hum something reassuring, but his voice comes out broken again and she cries harder.

No matter what beef Chris has against him, he seems to take pity, and untangles Amélie despite her protests.

“C’mon, you’re gonna hurt him if you keep hugging him so hard. He’s not going anywhere, so step back a little, yeah ?”

“O-Oh… M’sorry Louis, I didn’t mean… You’re staying, right ? This time, you’re staying, even after you get better ?”

And, oh.

Louis has lived through his fair share of fucked up things.

But he doesn’t think something ever broke him the way Amélie’s soft, hopeful, and slightly afraid glance does in this instant.


He really hates himself.

“N’yeah. Y-yeah. I will.” he croaks out, but this time it’s not the pain that makes his throat sore.

Chris’ gaze is still hard, but he looks pleased hearing this.

“You better have one hell of an explanation for that. She may forgive you easily, but I won’t.”

And the nobleman orders him to rest, and take his daughter away, closing the door behind them.

It doesn’t take long for Louis’ brain to welcome the sweet and merciful embrace of sleep.



Louis flinches.

“I’m not even going to touch the whole-ass… abandonment issues. Not right now, at least, and I’m still mad at you, even if I recognize there was some sort of… logic, and love, in your decision, and you just wanted the best for your child, and - Nevermind, my point is : when did you say your last meal was ?”

“I didn’t.” mumbles Louis, hoping to get away with it because he honestly can’t remember, and even the concussion excuse might not get him out of trouble this time.

“You don’t - ?! HOW DO YOU NOT REMEMBER THAT ?!? So, first, you fucking sell yourself to find some trafficking network, then you apparently live as a fucking slave for weeks, and even after doing your whole “saving the orphans and the poors” hero shit, you still did not sleep in a real house ? Did you seriously, honestly, truly sleep in a fucking entryway on stone pavement after freeing a bunch of human trafficking victims ?!”

“...yeah. But the pavement was better than the holding cells - “

“- This is not the fucking point - “

“- And I got a new place to live, after, I already told you - “

“- Squatting a decrepit building DOES NOT COUNT AS A HOME - “

“ - and I’ve had worse, you know, I can - “

“ - But you don’t HAVE TO !” screeches Chris. “You had worse, yes, and you did a good thing and saved others, sure, but for fuck’s sake, why is it so hard for you to actually take care of yourself ?”

“Why should I ?”

“Why should - Excuse me ?!”

Louis holds his arm in a sling a bit closer. He’s avoiding Chris’ gaze, but his voice is steady when he speaks.

“I don’t see the point. It’s not like I deserve a prize or anything for doing the bare minimum.”

“Okay, first of all, this is not the ‘bare minimum’, and also - “

“There’s no need to lose time on pointless things, when that time could be better used…”

“By freeing some more human trafficking victims ?” guesses Chris.

“M’yeah.” answers Louis, curling up a bit more, letting out a quiet hiss when that pulls on his abdomen’s stitches.

For a man that’s more than a full head taller than him, Chris can’t help but think he looks small, at this moment. He’s reminded of the plain disbelief in Louis’ words, before he passed out that day, when he told him he wanted to help.

He lets out a tired sigh.

“While this is an admirable goal, you’re not doing anyone a favor by going around like that. If you keep injuring yourself, how are you going to help people, hm ?”

“It’s fine - “

“No, it’s not. It’s really fucking not. I have eyes, Louis. You’ve thinned down a lot since the last time I saw you, and you were never exactly on the overweight side to begin with. Your eyebags have bags of their own, and, once again, you have stitches in three separate parts of your body. That is not ‘fine’.”

“...Well, if I can go on… It’s not like I - “

“Like you deserve to live a good life ? Like you deserve nice stuff ? Spoiler, you dumbass, you don’t need to ‘deserve’ any of those, because that’s basic fucking human shit. Throwing yourself into an early grave just to help others isn’t a great virtuous task, it’s just plain suicide.” hammers Chris.

“You can’t go on like this - no, don’t even try to refute. You can’t. You’re gonna die, be it either of exhaustion, or hunger, or just stabbed by a lucky fucker. You can’t, because that would make Amélie inconsolable.”

Louis shuts his mouth at his.

He can’t disagree.

Before, he didn’t really care, because he thought Amélie had forgotten him, moved on, living a better life in a better place with better persons.

But she did not.

She’s still coming to his room every day, almost all day, and she has to be dragged away by the maids for her daily lessons, and she still talks about her future plans to bring him along to some park or some fancy shop, once he get better, even after having told him she was gonna get officially adopted by Christopher.

She cares, and he can’t bring himself to disappoint her further, to hurt her further.

He can’t.

Maybe that’s why he spilled out everything to Chris.

So that, for once, someone can save him.

(That, and his mean, mean, stare.)

“...But what could I do, then ?” he quietly asks, feeling lost.

“I don’t know.” answers Chris honestly. “But what I know, is that you’re not doing anything until you stop looking like shit. And then I will help you, and Amélie too.”

This time, the nobleman is expecting the surprised stare his acquaintance - no, his friend, because by the gods, does that white-haired dumbass needs friends - gives him.

“I don’t really know what you can do, but I’m sure you can find something that doesn’t involve you dying a premature death. And, for once in your fucking life, you’re going to accept having others helping you do it.”

Is that a threat, or a promise..? wonders Louis.


That doesn’t sound so bad.

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It's been quite some time since I've drawn Safin, so I figured it was time!

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Full body view of a single character smiling smugly at the viewer

A Smug Smile

I think I've mentioned before that smug expression are one of my favourite things to draw.

Well that's still true!

For emmyrider

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My baby Louis as a scorpion fish merfolk : beautiful, colorful, and venomous ~ ♡

And @jasvinfellover 's child Jasvin as a thresher shark : because they're cool little cretcher! They're not actually dangerous but have a unique way of attacking, by using their long tail as a whip to knock out fishes. Neat !

(And bonus lucky pirate Niles who got a mermaid gf)

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Le Lion, Le Chien et Le Corbeau : Chapter 13, Snowfall

It is done!!! I can now start chap 14 which has a lovely angsty flavor >:)

Anyway no tw for this one, this is soft, winter fluff feat Louis' general dumbassery

On Tapas and Webtoon !

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"I have too many AU for my characters" : starter pack

Super héros : Louis is popular D’Albrand industries sponsored hero. Class B. Victoire is super-méga strong Class S hero. Crows is a broke ass student doing a side-job as supervillain grunt to pay for rent. He develops a crush on Louis and keep the supervillain thing going even after no longer being broke just to see him. Louis is at first happy with Georges, Victoire’s side-kick (Class A or S hero too). Then some villain wants revenge on them. Kill Georges. Kidnap Louis. Is saved fast, but physical & mental sequels. Radio silence from D’Albrand industries as they try to cover it up. Louis sent back on the field a few months later, wholly unprepared and still very traumatised. Run into Crows on first mission. They both panic (for different reasons). Crows accidentally knock him out, then kidnap him, then try to brainwash him. Major fails. Weird ass cohabitation for two to three months. Decide to let him go, the villain comes back. Defeat him with the power of friendship and love (and spite and extreme trauma response). Louis retires, start courting Crows (who’s only half supervillain retired). OT2V**RMMORPG** : Louis as ex(?) star model, got caught in a terrorist attack, had to spend a while at the hospital. Started a new account in VRMMORPG game to pass time (1st account was a girl elf, this one looks more like him.) becomes friend with Crows (who saves his ass ingame). Crows as bored electrotechnician/computer-repair guy living with his family in Martinique (or Réunion ?). They joins Emilie’s guild (she lives in Canada, doing a exchange student program for Master/Doctor degree in smth). Have fun together. Soon becomes icon ingame. Long-distance relationship, at first Crows/Louis, then OT3

Modern 2 : Louis as neglected and tired last son with too many expectations and also bi and out. Crows as childhood friend. Emilie as new college friend who came back with him. Age gap ! Louis hide the fact he got assaulted by homophobes classmates in his shitty stuck-up private high school, then attempt suicide right after the baccalaureat. Fail, thanks to Crows coming in, calling ER, and slapping his mom. Have a long heart-to-heart talk. Victoire comes back from college to haul him away from their stupid ass toxic parents. OT3 ending, but needs more dvp & healing in-between.

Supernatural : Idk was this the dragon one or the werewolf one ? Both need more plot

Supernatural 2 : In which baby Louis saved a baby bird, which was in fact a baby Tengu and Crows’ younger brother, and therefore they have a life debt toward him. So when 19yrs old Louis, stuck in an abusive relationship, get almost killed by his BF, Crows comes from nowhere and saves him. (Well, stops him from being killed and call ER because he’s bleeding out). Louis has nowhere to go after this. Crows “fuck it” and bring him back to the family house. Full of supernatural creatures. Emilie is werewolf friend. They like Louis. Louis eventually tries to go back to the human world. Fails. Get almost killed (again). Acquire a kid along the way. Comes back so he can heal and Emilie & Crows can woo him. OT3 ending

Knight(s) & Prince: Prince Crows, true knight Emilie, scoundrel-turned-spy Louis. Crows/Louis or Emilie/Louis at first ? Louis “sacrifices” himself so the other 2 can escape when rival prince tries to stage a coup. They come back 6 months later, kick ass, get back their castle, deliver dungeon-tortured Louis. Scared for him. OT3 ending.

Single dad : In which Louis gets custody of one of his friends’ daughter after she died in a car crash. Tired but proud lawyer ? Child psychologist ? Louis and awkward but cute Amélie. Louis also had a son from a first relationship (they’re separated). Has Valentin on the week ends at first. Then his ex-gf runs away to the Caribbeans with her new man after dropping their son on Louis. Proud single dad of two. A side-dish of wine aunt Victoire. Cute fluffy found family feels, sibling stuff between Amélie & Valentin. Romance is secondary, older kids try to push their dad to date again. Somewhat end up with Emilie & Crows simping for the local hot young single dad. Kpop dance class??? OT3

NorseGod : C & brothers as pet crows of Loki. Warriors & advisor for them. Feel a disturbance : C find out human sacrifice, but still alive. It’s Louis. Ends up saving him several time from other humans, who see him as danger (cuz foreign). C claims L in protective sense (but not only). Turns out L has god blood as well ; Bastet’s grandson. L becomes god’s messenger, immortal, Crows happy because he can woo him now. OT2

MDZS: Louis as Yiling Patriarch, sold to snakes (georges + maria) by his family, end up adopting Amélie who can also master resentful energy. Crows & Emilie as heirs/great fighter of bird & dog clan. Victoire trying to get rid of her father at lion clan. OT3

TGCF : Louis as hidden fallen calamity. Ex wind-master (rumors & social) now a dark storm. Hc-like ghost city, but HX-like disguise among mortals. C&E as east/west martial gods, bff & rivals. Fall for the cute cultivator who is a ghost king. Louis ends up taking over administration of Heaven to help Victoire clean shit. Adopt Amelie at some point. OT3

Mafia : In which information broker Louis decided to sold out his corrupt political figure father’s info, and become prime target for the whole underworld (à la John Wick). Find safety for a night by breaking into the Dubois’ casino. Is found bleeding out in a toilet stall the next morning by Crows, who 1. point a gun at him, 2. call for a doc, 3. start questioning their security system. Delirious in pain and with nothing to lose, Louis word-vomit a shitton of compromising stuff on the Dubois’ enemies before passing out. Did not expect to wake up. Is in fact now a VIP guest of the Dubois considering the intel he gave them. Also, Crows had a crush on him. Race against time to make the father retire his contract while keeping Louis alive from all the hitmen. Victoire ends up on their side. OT2

Reincarnation/isekai : Everything is the same but Crows was too late and Louis died during chapter 6. Then woke up in his 15 yrs old body before everything went wrong. Panic attack yay ! Then scare everyone in the house by how different he acts suddenly (cut his hair, no longer flirts as much, quieter and sadder). Makes a deal with father, get money and fuck off on his own terms. Then start setting up his own spy network to wreck the monarchy’s plan before they even know about it. Later, meet angsty younger Crows, and still-a-novice-soldier Emilie. Recuit them ? There is some attack, and Louis loses his eye. Is forced to explain the truth to the other two after they realize he’s not bothered at all by the sudden loss of depth perception. Angsty at first, but then realize they’ve changed the future and he won’t die. OT3

Mermaid 1 : Vintage, 18th c. Little seaside town. Mysterious marine scientist Louis, merman Crows, town guard Emilie. OT3 ending.

Mermaid 3 : Pirates. Injured merman Louis, Captain Emilie, Second in command Crows. OT3 ending.

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Digital drawing of myself sitting on a gold and red light sign that reads: 20.

20 Follower Art Giveaway 🎉

wooo 😀 kisses every single one of yous, metaphorically

i'm giving away a digital painting of whatever the winner wants... im flexible 🎨


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26/02/21: and the winner is...

🎊 @80roxy08 🎊

congratulations it's your lucky day!! check your messages cause i'll reach out to you so we can work out The Piece.

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LLLC Victorian Orphanage!AU Part 5

Okay so let's try :

Previous parts in this post so I don't make it too long

“And here, you have our latest mechanical loom, the director had it imported directly from Germany ! Well, you know, nothing but the best for our factory, and - “Droning out the man’s voice he’s following, Chris wonders whether Amélie would prefer citrus or orange flavors for the candies.

She’s been down ever since that son of a bitch abandoned her, and his previous attempts at cheering her up, with toys, food, and visit to parks and the like barely made an effect.

It’s been months, and she’s still in a slump.

If he could get his hands on Louis’ throat…

And that fucking leech in front of him is still going on in a boring monlogue over the best fabric dyes his boss bought.

Chris is supposedly here to conclude a pact with another merchant regarding the construction of a new factory on one of the Dubois’ lands. So he is touring the others’ best factory, to see what the end result could be.

Chris does not give a fuck at all.

He simply grunts from time to time, which the overeager and boot-licking man in front of him takes as an agreement.

Maybe Amélie would prefer something with a floral taste ? Like lavender or rose extract ?

Yes, Chris has become a goddamn daddy hen.

So what about it ?

His baby girl deserves the best, and only the best !

Anyone who disagrees can fight him !

And those who say she’s not even his real daughter will get punched to the face, then force-fed a copy of the adoption papers he’s currently redacting ! Take that !

It’s not like anyone in his family disagrees. His mother almost wept with how happy she was at finally getting a grandchild. His brother scoffed, but in the end, his own childrens will be the heirs of the business by the law of the oldest, so it does not matter. Lucie is ecstatic at the idea of having a regular playmate and a niece the same age as her. Even Nicolas, no matter how pouty and grumbling he may have been, agreed to it, knowing that the younger girl had no one else left.

Honestly, the only one still truly disaproving in their house is fucking Sebastian.

And the butler is going to shut up real fast if he wants to keep his salary intact.

As for whatever others nobles may think… That’s not Chris’ problem.

Not yet, anyway.

He’s got years before he has to properly introduce Amélie as his daughter to high society.

More than enough time to threaten a few bitches into submission.

And not only by using his family’s money.

So absorbed as he is in his preemptive “fucking up people” plans, he almost misses the way his guide has stopped in front of him, and only barely manage to catch himself and not bumps into him.

“Ah… I am sorry, sir. It seems there is a little… rat, running around our factory. I’ll make sure it is taken care of quickly, and we can continue the visit !”

Frowning, Chris steps aside to see what the man is talking about.

His eyes widen.

So do the rat’s ones.

Well, ‘one’.

He’s not sure who’s the most surprised here : him, or Louis ?

The latter looks confused, but then his face hardens into a blank, cold mask.

Startled, Chris realizes at this moment that Louis is heavily leaning on the wall, cradling one of his arms against his torso. And there is blood. Both on the arm, and on his head, seemingly flowing from his temple.

Simply put, he looks like shit.

“What is going on ?”

“Don’t worry, sir, this is only a slight oversight on my part, and I’m sure - “

“No, not you. Shut the fuck up. What are you doing here ?” insists the young noble.

“Shouldn’t you know ? Ain’t that your factory ?” angrily replies the white-haired man, still using the wall for support.

“No, it’s not. It’s a possible partner’s one. Which may become impossible, based on what you're going to tell me.”

Ignoring the squeaks and profusing half-assed excuses from his boot-licking guide, Chris keeps his gaze level with Louis. The latter looks a bit surprised, and wary, at first, but whatever he sees in Christopher’s eyes must placate him, as some tension drains out of his shoulders.

“The factory is a cover. Well, not completely, there are actually people working here. But the basement is not only for silk and textiles ; it’s also a human trafficking “stockage” place.”

“Is that true ?”

Turning his glare to the guide, the man gulps.

“Well… It’s only a few vagrants, you know ? Not like anyone would miss them, and, well, they should be happy they even have a place to stay, or any opportunity, really - “

“Tell your patron that this contract is null. Actually, tell him the Dubois are never working with him again, and we will instead actively try to bomb his business.”

“What - ! But, sir ! Are you really going to… to believe some bum over an honest man ?!”

“Yes. I’d believe him over any fucker in this factory. Heck, I’d probably believe him over any noble I ever came across.”

That finally seems to calm Louis down. Unfortunately, without the adrenalin holding him up, it also becomes more obvious that the wall he’s clinging to is the only reason he hasn’t had a lovely little meeting with hard brick yet.

“I can’t - If that’s how you’re going to answer, I can’t let you out of here alive !” proclaims the boot-licking asshole, now brandishing a pocket knife in Chris’ direction.

Christopher stares him down, clearly unimpressed.

The man shakes, hopefully realizing by now that he is fucking garbage, a pile of scum barely even deserving of the cockroach appellation, and an idiot to boot.

Louis lets out an hysterical laugh.

Both men turn to him, as he shakes with the force of his laugh, pressing even more against the wall in a last ditch attempt at staying upright.

“I knew you weren’t the brightest tool in the shed, but seriously ? Menacing the goddamn heir of the Dubois ? Do you really think this would go nicely ?” guffaws Louis.

“What would your patron say, if a noble was found murdered in his own factory, hm ? Wouldn’t the cops comb through every single one of his possessions ? Expose all his little dirty secrets ? Because, believe me, he must have a lot of these…” tease the injured man, a sarcastic smile on his face.

The cockroach is now very pale, shaking so much that Chris wouldn’t have a problem disarming him with one hand. Christopher, however, is surprised. He’s never seen Louis so… confrontational before.

That’s a bit worrying. What could have happened..?

Wait. Priorities.

Christopher punches the cockroach square in the face, and the crunch of bone being broken is a nice reward. He then picks up the knife and pockets it. Adding a kick to the gut for good measure, and so the fucker doesn’t get up any time soon, he then turns to the injured man.

“How many people are down there ?”


“What ? But you just said - “

“What do you think I was doing here ? Picking flowers ? Getting beat up by grunts for fun ? I let them out earlier, using the back doors and windows. I was rounding the place to see if there were more…”

“Well, there aren’t. I was pretty much done with this floor’s visit, and nothing along the line of human trafficking came up. At least, until now.”

“Good.” concludes Louis, sagging even more against the wall.

“Hey, hey, hey, don’t fucking pass out on me ! C’mon, can you walk ?”


He takes a few, wobbly steps forward, and Chris see that he’s limping, favoring his right leg.

“Shit. Okay, I will help you, you need - “

“Why ?”

“Why what ?”

“Why do you care ?”

That’s. Unexpected.

There’s no trace of sarcasm anymore in Louis’ voice. In fact, it sounds small, genuine.


“Because Amélie misses you.” is all Chris answers.

Louis flinches, but puts his arm around Chris’ shoulders for support.

“I would have thought she hated me.” he mutters.

“Maybe she should. But she’s too nice for that.” answers Christopher, careful with his movements.

There are a few minutes of silence, as the two men hobbles around the factory and back to the main entrance.

Louis is putting more and more of his weight on Chris by the second, and the latter also realizes the white-haired man’s good eye is slightly unfocused.

“Shouldn’t you hate me too ?” asks Louis.

Chris does not have time to answer, because they trip on a broken pavement block, and it takes all of his strength to not send them both carrening in the ground, and by the time he’s stabilized them, Louis is fully passed out.

“Shit.” let out Chris.

He waves at the gate, and his carriage driver, that had not left while he was inside the factory, thanks fuck, see him struggling with a man practically on his shoulder, and runs to him. Together, they manage to carry him and lay him down on one of the carriage benches, Chris using his rolled-up coat as a makeshift pillow for the poor fainted man.

As they drive back to the estate, mind in scrambles as he keeps looking at his injured acquaintance, Christopher thinks that, maybe, in the end, he will not have to choke Louis to death.

Although, that still depends on what his explanation for this whole shitshow, and his months-long disappearance, is.

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Ah, shit, almost all old readmores are fucked up ? I don't want to clogs everyone's dash with my bullshit

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waterfall looks nice, so here i am. this is a drawing i did back in huevember

Time ago

Just a more 'mundane' outfit for Ketna that more discreetly obscures the face without being overt

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Just a bit of rant about starting new work

While it is super interesting and Im motivated and love to learn about the multiple possible uses of electromecanical actuators, especially in a field like medical care that I know next to nothing about (other than the fact that it makes a lot of €€€).... This week was discovery week, and Im tired of eating thesis paper after thesis paper.

Please. Let me plug the motors and make a excel curve or smth. Please, no more 200 pages theoretical magnetic equation. My brain is melting

oc design questions


so i've seen (and created!) some questions about OCs themselves... so here's something different! these are about various aspects of OP design and development, from the perspective of a creator.

  1. what do you use your characters for- art? writing? roleplay? some combination of those?
  2. how do you start designing a new character?
  3. what's your overall design philosophy for characters- do you put personality above all else, or physical appearance, or their role in the story, or something else? how does this affect the design/development process?
  4. what phase of character designing is your favorite? least favorite?
  5. which characters are your favorites, overall? why?
  6. which characters have your favorite designs? why?
  7. which of your characters has gone through the most changes, and what were those changes?
  8. which of your currently active characters is the oldest? how old are they?
  9. do your characters tend to have any recurring themes? is this deliberate, or does it just happen?
  10. do your characters tend to have certain personality traits in common? is this deliberate?
  11. what do you do when an character doesn't have as much of a "spark" as you'd hoped, or otherwise doesn't click with you very well?
  12. where do you get inspiration for new characters?

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Also I must say

I think there is a brand of communion and comrad-ry that is special to public transports.

What is more beautiful than the subtle nods to the stranger in front of you as they watch your bag while you go to the toilet, and their thanks when you do it for them too?

What will give me faith in humanity if not the random passerby that stopped and helped me carry my suitcase along the stairs when they saw me struggling ?


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